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Optimize Digital's team has over a decade of experience helping home & remodeling businesses market their products and services online.

When it comes to the home sector, we've raised the awareness and revenues for many clients, from interior design firms and tile dealers to HVAC, roofing companies, plumbers, and even real estate and property management firms.

When you put your trust in us, you'll profit from our years of experience working with businesses like yours. 

Rubble Tile

Custom Web Design & Development

Minneapolis client, Rubble Tile, was looking for a modernized, cleaner and faster website that looks great on mobile. Yet they also needed images to display perfectly on the large monitors favored by architecture and design firms.

What made this project an interesting challenge was Rubble Tile's desire for a particular type of search functionality. We found a search interface that worked, and then custom-built Rubble's search function for their site. Then we created search parameters and tags, so every image can be searched in different, intuitive ways.

This allows both customers and salespeople to quickly find the tile they're looking for. This side-by-side sales tool has helped with client interaction and has been an invaluable resource for the sales team.

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SEO & Content Marketing

Optimize Digital does all the content writing for Rubble Tile's blog, and we handle email marketing. Each blog article is optimized for search engines and for user experience.

Our SEO research, implementation and reporting has helped Rubble Tile become dominant in local search. 

Content marketing in conjunction with SEO has helped increase website traffic by 35%. 

Sales revenues have grown each year, year over year, that Rubble Tile has been our client. 

Kathryn I.
Marketing Director, Rubble Tile
We are very happy with the website! It looks beautiful, fresh, energetic, compelling! Thank you, and please thank all the people who worked on it for us!

Thermodynamix LLC (HVAC Installation & Service)

Website Optimization & Improvement

Thermodynamix needed to improve their digital presence and get more customers. Everything starts with your website.

We designed and built a brand new website that acts as a brochure for their business and a lead generation tool.

Our content writing, and promoting the articles on social media, has helped increase website traffic by 125%. Customer calls and inquiries have increased by 30% in two years.

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Search Marketing

As part of our integrated approach, we do the work needed to keep improving our client's search results:

  • Keyword Research, testing and reports have shown Thermodynamix where they stand online.
  • SEO work improved their search results so they rank in the top 10 on Google Search.
  • We expanded their online presence by 65%, so they have more 'digital real estate' that shows up when people search and vet their business.


We use social media to promote our client's original, thought leadership content that we create.

  • The additional traffic and leads created through social media marketing have brought in over $30,000 in estimated revenues.
  • A return on their digital marketing investment of 500%.

This has allowed them to hire Optimize Digital for other digital projects that have further increased growth (of course at our tremendous client discount!).



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